Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Personal Image/Part 1

What is important to consider when we talking about Personal Image?

As I have already mentioned, Personal Image is simply the first impression we form when meeting someone new.
Such impression should be positively memorable.
Anytime we are going somewhere or meeting someone we are sending personal message by the way we look, talk or behave.
Each part of such message needs to be carefully handled to achieve the greatest result and impression.
It can also be easily  compared to the "Puzzle".

When creating some picture from different parts of puzzle, even if they are different, they click.In case of completeness they creates harmonized picture.

We will go through each detail which should be considered once we want to achieve unique image or greatest impression.

As I said we take into account entire look, behavior and the way we talk.To be absolutely complete we shouldn't miss out another important point which is non-verbal communication.

Let's start briefly from scratch and focus on the "Look" category called VISUAL IMAGE.

Visual Image means our dress, posture, facial expression & general grooming.

General grooming or being polished is based on many areas and characteristics that need to be assessed before  choosing:
  • right make up, 
  • hairstyle,
  • clothes style,
  • accessories, 
  • lengths, 
  • texture, 
  • color 
  • and much more.
Choosing right make up or hairstyle can be much easier than you can imagine and you will still look stunning, even if the style is not number one trend of  this season.

You can also choose trendy hairstyle and look terrible in it.  Third possibility is to choose trendy hairstyle which makes you look great.

So what makes such a big difference? Answer is "Detail."
In this case I am talking about  Face Shape detail which is important to know when it comes to applying make up or choosing hairstyle.

In general we can recognize 9 face shapes.

1. Oval & Oblong
2. Square, Round, Triangular & Rectangular
3. Diamond, Heart, Inverted Triangular

Oval face is considered to be kind of perfect shape because it simply looks great due to its natural balance and its easy to work with. By applying right make up and right style for your face , you can get the effect of oval face shape or at least soften your look whatever sharp features you have.

In  Personal Image Part 2 we will be talking about individual face shapes, its characteristics and importance of recognizing shapes for choosing right hairstyle and make up.

Source: tinyurl.com via Santo on Pinterest

So stay with me and send me any comments or questions.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a great day and if not, don't  worry. In such cases I am always saying to myself: 

"It can't be raining forever".

Let's come back to Your Unique Image blog which will be mostly dedicated to Personal Image.

When we say Personal Image it simply means,  first impression or signal we are sending out when meeting someone new.
People find themselves on a crossroads many times in their life and either you like it or not your Image Matters most of the time.

You might be looking for a new love, want change something about your current life or you just need to  feel better by looking better.

You might be also looking for a new job or waiting for a promotion and need to present yourself in the best way you can. You want to bring the best out of yourself.

In all of this cases Image speaks volume.. 
This blog is also created for all of you who are looking for some change in your life and it is somehow connected to Your Image. Either it is about colors you want to change within your wardrobe to become more visible, cheered up and fresh, clothes combination you would love to be inspired by, original style you looking for, secrets including fashion and beauty tips and much more.

So hope you will enjoy it and please anything you want to ask, share, send other friends, like, or don't like, do it. 

Comments are more than welcome...

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