Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Up to the stars

Bringing you inspiration from polyvore.com regarding sets dedicated to women born in virgo sign.
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According to polyvore.com virgo's prefer dark browns, navy and cream colors.They like simple and classic pieces.As a virgo representative, I definitely agree.

I am also adding red, blue, green and violet to this favorite colors:) Here are some sets that grabbed my attention.

If you have triangular body type and you have nice legs you definitely create harmony by taking this west on.


virgo by hannewybouw featuring lace tops

Eye up technique with using  the scarf and earrings is the best way how to attract attention to the upper body.


Autumn and winter 2012 calls for leather.
If your skin has cool undertone choose dark brown leather jacket.Those with warm undertone can definitely go for this one:
Untitled #15

Violet is color of sophistication, uniqueness and go well with creative types.Wearing monochromatic color is also great way to slim your body.

fashions !

This sweater is cool and definitely in for autumn and winter 2012. It  looks so wearable to me, apart from some other pieces I have seen within runways. I will go back to runways later on.

Casual Neutral

Casual Neutral by mobaby22 featuring a lace shirt

Hope you like it and I am glad that there is so many creative virgos among us:) Have a great Tuesday.....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Earings for individual face shapes

Let's move to the earrings and its shape dedicated to particular type of face.

Women love to wear earrings and to tell the truth, I feel like naked without them.Couple of years ago I have started to wear them everyday in a different shapes, length and color. I have realized that not all of them had been the best choice for me :)

Follow me and I will  help you to recognize your best friend among earrings .

Congratulation. You can wear any shape of earrings. Appropriate length depends on your neck size. If the neck is too short you should go for medium to long earrings to prolong its appearance. If its too long stick with medium length.We are still trying to create some illusion of perfection:)

Face is longer than wider therefore we want to add some width and shorten the face.
Choose geometric designs that are wider than longer. Dangling earrings goes better with the hair down.
Best shapes: round, oval, inverted angles or teardrops.

Oblong and rectangular face shape earrings

Round and square face seems to be wider than longer, even if it's not. Therefore we will add some visual length with longer earrings.
Best shapes: Rectangular, oval or teardrops.

round and square face shape earrings

Earrings should be wider at the the bottom and narrower at the top.It will add some width to the face.
Best shapes: oval, pear, teardrops,triangles.

diamond face shape

Earrings for this types of face should be long and narrow to give some illusion of length. You can choose similar shapes as for round and square face and add some of rectangular earrings.

Inverted triangular

Triangular face shape need lengthening effect and therefore choose long and narrow shapes mentioned above by square & round face shape.

Hope it helps. Wish you a great Thurstday.................

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Glasses for individual face shapes

I have already talked about different face shapes and tips for make-up as well as hairstyle.

Let's consider appropriate sunglasses dedicated to different face shapes.To go back to detailed features of face shapes simply click on underlined parts.

Face shapes:

Oval face shape is considered to be perfect which means any kind of glasses would look great:)

Large-over-sized  oval glasses with the focal point on the top.

Choose some geometric shapes like square or rectangular to counteract the round face.Frame should be wider than your face.

Choose anything with the curves.Round, rounded, oval....Aviator glasses are great option.

Similar to square face shape-round, oval or rounded glasses with the focal point on the top to soften the sharp shape.

Broad and curved shaped glasses  the stress on the top parts.

Rounded shapes to soften the look

Choose smaller  frames, cat - eyed or wrap around frames. Focal points should be on the top of frame.

Wish you great Wednesday...............
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