Sunday, June 24, 2012

What to take to holiday with you...

Holiday time is here and I have decided to share "holiday's items" except  your credit card:)

1. Sun cream & after sun cream, glasses & hat

So important. Sun cream at least 30-50+especially for your face

I know that you would love to look like a chocolate once you come back from holiday but your skin and health comes first. And we want to look young forever:)

2. Let's say you are going for 5 days even if  it is not for long but better than nothing:)

What's more to pack:
  • Something comfi for flying there and back
  • Long dress and short dress to be able to dress it down and up for day and night .Day 1, Day 2

Holiday time-discovering new places

Holiday time

  • At least 2 different  shorts depending on length you prefer. It  could vary from short to knee long. I love short jeans because you can  match them with so many tops.But it is definitely up to you.
  •  3 different  T-shirts Day 3 ,Day 4, Day  5.
  • Accessories just to finish your look.
  • 1 flat shoes, flip-flops, one pumps

holiday time-discovering places 2

  • Night cream-moisturizer  
  • Antiperspirant & perfume
  • eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss,blush
  • hair brush 
  • some cute pyjama 
  • first aid kit- includes also nail file:)
  • Don't forget your swim suit
As you can see we still have same flats, sun glasses and hat with all of the outfits.  You can save space in your luggage and still look great.
I know that you would take much more things with you but  believe me, you will be really safe with above mentioned items.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Women in business

As per request , I am bringing you some views to business formal outfits.
The main rule by  business formal  is not to attract attention with clothes, perfume or jewellery and wear skirt or pants together with blazer.
However, it doesn't have to be black, grey or navy blue all the time.

Your business outfit also depends on business culture and rules that are set by the company you work for. Darker colors and more strict  dress code can be seen in banks, insurance companies, law firms  or governmental organizations.

Dress code when you can consider a little bit of color & fantasy but still keep it formal  can be seen in advertising companies, PR agencies, and other fields, that are connected with  creativity or fun.

Conservative environment: 

Business formal - Black pants & blazer + neutral top & accessories

Business Formal

Black blazer + classic pencil skirt with the touch of red & beige + neutral blouse + accessories

Business formal

Creative environment:

Business formal -lighter version: Blue top+ white pants & blazer

Business formal

Pencil red skirt , white blouse + light pink beige blazer

Business formal

In case of any comments or questions please leave it under the blog. Share it with your friends and enjoy .....

I hope it helps...Wish you great a Saturday.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blazers for many occasions

Let's try the ways we can wear blazer for various occasions...

If you like sporty style with the touch of elegance:

 Evening out with your friends:

Out with friends

Casual Friday at work:

If we say  casual friday it doesn't mean to take jeans and shirt.But it also does not have to be boring.Add some spice with colored jacket :)

Casual friday

Going to cinema:

Lunch & Cinema
Business dinner:

Business dinner- Black & White

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Add some heigth and be slimmer


   Beige High heels - we all know that platform heels giving us heigth and our legs look longer .
   Your legs will look much longer without any contrast.

Vertical  & diagonal designs:

Wearing vertical and diagonal designs means, that eyes goes up and down or from one corner to the other.Body look slimmer and taller just because of visual effect.

Avoid: Vertical lines & too wide horizontal lines as it can add volume. Same rule can be applied to shirts for men. Narrower the line is, slimmer you will look.

Pants or skirts with high waist:
It is a great trick how to prolong your legs and look higher.

You can also wear monochromatic outfit which means one color without any contrast, outfit in dark neutrals, tuck in you shirts to pants or skirts or wear short jacket .

All of these tricks are usually modified and specified according concrete body shapes.Some body shapes need to emphasize individual parts of body, meanwhile other types need to hide them.

In case you have any comments or questions you are more then welcome to ask.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wise, mature and stylish

As per request , I am bringing you couple of tips, how to dress, once you got more mature and wiser:)

Let's say we will talk about  look over 40.I have chosen pictures of celebrities that are over 40 and still look chic. Uma Thurman, Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Cheryl Crow or Nicole Kidman.

General rules to follow:

1. Find your style based on your personality, play with colors that are in your seasonal group and buy clothes that compliments your body type.These rulers should be followed, no matter what age you are in.

2. In general, forget mini skirts if your legs are not looking their best like in your 20th or 30th.

If they are still  looking great and you are for example a  fitness trainer or you are exercising regularly, you probably can afford to take mini.There is also couple of celebrities that wears mini well.
It depends also on the country you living in.I would not wear mini in Dubai but I can easily wear it in Europe.
  3. Have more classic items in your wardrobe:
  • dark jeans fitted to your body shape -straight or boot cut is flattering for any type of body, 
  • cardigans,
  • long well fitted coat if you living in cold climate,
  • knee length or above the knee  black dress,
  • knee length or above the knee straight skirts,
  • well fitted blazers,
  • pair of black classic high heel shoes  
  • well fitted underwear especially bras

 4. If you invest in to some high end bags, dresses,  jeans, scarf, shoes or whatever you love, don't forget to mix it with some less expensive pieces.It is a little too much if you are dressed in designer's pieces from top to toes.

5. Don't mix tight skirt or jeans with tight top.It would be too much and will look rude on you.

6. Stay up to date with trends but don't buy clothes that doesn't fit your figure. Choose some trendy accessories instead and show your sense for fashion.
For example: If flowers designs are in and you are winter type so flowery blouse or tops would look funny on you , buy something else with these designs. Bag , belt or shoes..Something that is away from your V.

7. Buy yourself a big mirror where you can see entire figure before you leave the house.Trust me it helps to avoid looking terrible.

8. Dresses, skirts or shorts should be knee or above the knee long. Length also depends on your vertical body type. If your legs are short do not go for longer lengths as it will shorten your body and can add some more weight.

9. There is nothing wrong with wearing sleeveless tops if you feel that your arms are good enough to show, even if you are over 40.

In respect with local culture in Dubai ,cover your arms once you go to shopping malls no matter what age you are.

As we are all different, these are only general rules to be followed.Personal consultations would have helped you to find out more about appropriate style for yourself.

Wish you a great day.........

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Never without...

 5 things, I need to grab anytime I am leaving the house:


Tip1.: When choosing perfume try it on your skin not on the paper.It smells differently and you can avoid disappointment of the wrong choice.
Tip2.:Once you are trying more than 1 perfume, make sure you smell coffee beans in between, to avoid mixing  up your senses.
One of my favorite perfume which is not any news but still smells perfect to me: Jeanne Lanvin

Summer editions tips of 2012 :Burberry Brit Summer edition, Bvlgari Omnia Coral, Donna Karan-  DKNY summer edition 


There is so many types of mascaras on the market and most of them promise us lengthening or richness of the eyelashes.
I have used one of my favorite Oriflame mascaras (Wonder lash intense mascara) which costs no more than 50 AED and you can already notice the difference.You can get the great result from most of the mascaras, if you apply it right.

Tip: When you are applying mascara make sure that you start from roots precisely to the tips of upper eye lashes to get lengthening affect.Repeat it as many times as you have to.Use the brush for eyelashes to avoid sticking effect.
Don't forget to apply mascara also on lower lashes using the same precise application.
 3. Lipstick

Lips are one of  the most noticed areas of the face straight after eyes.
Tip1: When you are choosing lipstick, try to stick with your seasonal colors which means, don't go for warm colors if you are cool category or vice-versa. 
Tip2.: If your lips are dry and choppy go for glossy lipstick instead of matte. It will fill in and cover lips' imperfection and nobody notice anything but perfect lips.

Anything unexpected  happen you will be ready to cover it up:)
Tip: Liquid concealer fills in the wrinkles apart from matte one that enhances them.

5. Very important thing at the end: Credit card

Once the sources are available you need to remember 1 thing instead of  5 :)

Pictures have been used from these web sites:,,,
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