Thursday, January 31, 2013


2 quick combos for you today.Color pop up mood?

If you feel like dressing up in black take your colorful accessories and let the bag pop up. You will look chic and you can stick with the black color.

Black and color pop up

Is colored blazer in your wardrobe and you don't know what to pair it with?
Take some ordinary grey tee, with a V neckline it always will make you look slimmer and pair it with pants in a same color not to bother with color matching too much. For more sporty look take some sneakers instead of heels.

Ordinary day

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homemade peeling mask

Just a quick tip for peeling mask that I have tried  and was positively surprised with the result.

Homemade peeling mask:

3 table spoon of oat flakes
1 table spoon of honey
1 table spoon of virgin olive oil

Mixed all ingredients together and gently massage your face. Rinse with water afterwards.

So easy, and helpful. Ideal for dry skin as the olive oil  is a great moisturizer to the entire face. You won't even have to follow with your daily moisturizer !!

Have fun, try it on and let me know how satisfied you were.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Facial mask for dry skin

Homemade facial? Yes please:) I f you have really dry skin as I do and you also need some vitamins, try this:
Banana miracle:)
 I have tried it yesterday & it really works. It's very easy to prepare and apply.
What you need:
1/2 of fledged banana
1 tea spoon of olive oil

Warm up olive oil before you mix it up with banana and apply for 15 minutes to the cleaned skin.
Rinse it with water and follow up with you daily moisturizer.Your skin will be smooth, hydrated & refreshed.
Let me know if you liked it & in case you have some other well-tried  homemade recipes send it to me and I will share it .

Why homemade:
1. If you can eat something it's also good enough to apply it to your skin
2. You know exactly what ingredients are included
3. Simple & cheap option

Banana facial mask

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Looking your best or "Your Unique Image"

Imagine that you want to look you best right now. 

What would you do? 
If you stay in a dreamland, believe me, nothing will change. 
If you really want to change something, do it.
 Start right now and right today. 

Do you feel you need to loose some weight? Do it. No excuses. 
Go to see some nutritionist who tells you how to eat properly and find a fitness trainer who will  help you to loose weight.

First step done:)

Do you think you need new hairstyle? Easy. Find some perfect haircut according to your face shape and go to the hairdresser that has been recommended to you.

Second step done:)

You need some tips & tricks how to do your daily make up? Professional make up artist is the right solution to find it out. Or enter our competition that is "on" right now.

Third step done:)

Do you think that you have nothing to wear, even if your wardrobe is full of clothes?

It's because you are buying anything that look great in the store on hanger, not on you.

First think you should do is to plan your wardrobe.Get rid of things that are being hanged in the closet to long for any reason + make a list of the things you really need to buy .

Once you buying a new staff make sure you are choosing colors that goes well with your skin undertone, choosing style that goes one by one with your personality and cuts that compliments your body shape. And of course don't forget to check some trends that will spice up your entire image. 

But only in case it suits you, not because its "in" right now!:)

Is it too complicated? Never mind. Go to my page, book your consultation and we will achieve exactly what you wish for.

"Your Unique image."

Fourth step done:)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Have a look how you can restyle Golden Globes looks according users:) Get inspired for upcoming balls occasions.


STEFFEN SCHRAUT fitted shirt / Dolce & Gabbana lace maxi skirt / Casadei metallic pumps / Bangle bracelet / Elsa Peretti cabochon ring / Isharya butterfly jewelry / White belt / Clarins / Guerlain rose blush / L'Oréal Paris mauve lipstick

Без названия #20

Halle Berry

Giuseppe Zanotti high heel / Diamond earrings / Stretch bracelet / Dolce & Gabbana dolce gabbana

Red Carpet Chic

John Zack lace cocktail dress / Gianvito Rossi high heel shoes / Diane von Furstenberg / Cuff bracelet / Diamond earrings

Untitled #3


Friday, January 18, 2013

6 answers from professional Make Up artist

This week interview with Christina,
very nice & ambitious professional make up artist in Dubai.

Christina will be giving us make up tips every week so keep in touch and follow the blog.  

You also have a great chance to win make up lesson with her in Dubai.
Simply share this interview and leave the comment below telling us "I care about my image because.......

Competition is on until next Friday "28th of January".Good luck!!!

"My first experience with make up was when I was 5 and I got my first real lipstick as a gift"

What inspired you to became a make up artist?  

The moment that changed my life took place 10 years back when I was invited to a make up event. 
Observing women reaction after applying their make up, with their feelings blooming out of them was the main drive for me.
After my courses, I start working  as a regional make up artist for Clinique cosmetics. I also worked at weddings and photo shootings in Europe, and have continued in Dubai since 2005.

Dubai has different environment with totally different inspiration and cultural elements, that are keeping my interest in learning new techniques and new cultural needs on a higher level.  

"I have been always fascinated with colors and impact of a make up on women's face, mood and entire life" 

What is the first thing that crosses your mind before you apply a make up to your client?

, I am asking myself, how I can reveal her beauty and at the same time make her feel comfortable. Secondly, I communicate with my client trying to meet her expectations and propose my opinion.

Final stage is the actual make up session, which leads to desirable result on the both sides.

Is there something that women should keep in mind when it comes to skin care?

A good diet,  full of vitamins, a daily cleansing habit followed with moisturizer before and after sleep to maintain the skin clean and  healthy.
Something that most of us  forget,  is SUN protection.It is very essential and helpful  for long term results of the skin.

Do you follow and apply new trends that are coming out every season?

Every season has it own trends and and every face its own needs. A balance between those two leads to a good make up result.

For instance spring is on the way,  pink and soft colours will start appearing in all cosmetic brands, and  a light pink blusher would be a must soon. Although pink is not consider a clever choice for every skin tone. At this occasion a dark skin with warm undertone  needs to use a  light orange based  tone blusher instead. 

Color analysis is the best way how to find out what colors are the best option for you.

What is your opinion about „Photoshop illusions“?

A photo shoot result is much more different from the final result appearing  in a magazine. Most of the magazines are retouching pictures by removing any visible small defect from the skin to make it smooth and perfect.We should have that in mind every time we are applying make up for ourselves.

Make up expert can always reach the magazine results with the proper products and techniques, but studio with professional lights produce a different environment from daylight.

As a women I would not take the magazines pictures as an example of real beauty and would advice every women not to take it too serious. 

"If someone needs ‘‘Look to impress‘‘ then a professional advise from an expert is a clever solution"

What do you  put stress on when it comes to your „entire image“?
I always keep my entire image in a balance focusing on all areas including make up, dress code and correct attitude towards life. I could never imagine myself without make up, as it is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my work.

* If you guys ever need any professional advice regarding your look, style, colors or entire image don't forget to go to my web site and book your consultation or check our actual Special Offer for beauty make over session with 50% off.
Transfer I wish to I will!
Wish you a great day and perfect weekend.


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