Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Online wedding magazine inspiration

This is exactly what happens when really talented people meets and transform their ideas into action.

It reminds me quote:
" Life is about the people you meet and things you create with them, so go out and start creating"

 This outcome doesn't need any more explanation. Enjoy it and share it with other friends! There is no limit for inspiration.
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                                                              Source: sweetandlovelythings.tumblr.com via Lucia on Pinterest

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Power of blue

Did you know that every color has its own meaning ?

Colors u wearing influence your mood and  attitude. Without knowing it, you are sending out the message.So pick them wisely according the situation you are facing..

I have talked about RED and its meaning in the past.
All those who are new to my blog click here to discover what message is hidden behind red.

Let's see what BLUE color says:)

First, blue is cool color and goes well with people who belongs to winter or summer category. Blue brings harmony to the spoken word therefore blue is great for one to one communication.

Wearing blue in business:You are sending out the signal of trustworthy as well as conservatism.

Casual day: Blue is therapeutic element to mind and body, its calming and reduces tension & fear.

From the point of personality: Blue indicates honesty so people wearing and liking this particular color are really honest, responsible and have confidence at the same time.

Do wear it: if you look too young and want to look more mature, if you want your business partners to calm down at the meetings or if you think that you need to build some trust.

      Used sources: macys.com,style.com, theversatilegent.tumblr.com, calmamidchaos.tumblr.com, jhilla.tumblr.com, lookbookdotnu.tumblr.com

I wish you the best day you can ever imagine...
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