Sunday, July 21, 2013

Suits and matching patterns

If you would like to spice up your outfit, while wearing suit don't be afraid to mix and match some patterns.
How to do it and not to look like a clown? Easy...Just look for harmony and balance.

Only one pattern (suit) and  it is all grey? It could be boring but not in this case.
Usually great suit is more worn by older men as it represents their experience and wisdom. But in combination with casual shirt or t-shirt it looks like a cool outfit for younger men as well.One pattern presents simplicity, which is more than welcome in this case. 

No boredom at all!
One pattern used on 2 and 4 different pieces of garments within one outfit:

One pattern, 2 different pieces of garments: one pattern is always smaller (tie in this case-left picture), not to look overwhelming.
One pattern,4 different pieces of garments: start from smallest (scarf)  to  biggest (blazer).
It will create balance between all of for pieces.

Two patterns, 2 different pieces of garments: Why not to combine pattern on shirt with different one on your socks..It looks very trendy and its a bit of eye catcher.So shoes needs to be definitely well cleaned and wisely picked. 
Don't forget to balance smaller pattern with bigger one.Same case for tie and shirt..

3 patterns, 4 different pieces of garments: Combine 3 small different patterns (shirt,bow,scarf) and choose one of them for the third piece.
3rd one should be bigger to balance entire outfit.

Hope it helps ... Wish you a great day.....

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catch of today

Beauty is in simplicity and that's definitely what I like about this style. 

You just need some well fitted jeans, white blouse, favorite pumps or flats.You can also spice up the look with some jacket, cross body bag or some huge one. Depends on occasion and mood of course.

My second catch includes a bit of everything.Any of the outfit is easy to wear and I bet you would never say that you feel uncomfortable .....

White and neon colors are still the top ones this summer and you won't ruin anything by taking black dress or dark one depending on your color group.

Dark is great but not too often.Occasionally, sounds great, regularly, looks sad.

Top catch for today:

Black and white pumps, spots and studs ,swarovski crystals,  kate spade watches, swim suit creating volume and sparkle sparkle on your shorts.Any of these pieces wont stay untouched in case of buying it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Colorful mood

Hey guys,

Sorry for not checking in for a long time. I had to take forced break and  I was not able to add any of the posts....
Fortunately, I am back again to bring you more  posts..

I have picked  for you pants and skirts from Zara that I really like and combined it either with neutrals or other color.

Colors can create miracles not only with your outfit but also with your mood and entire appearance.

So don't be afraid to wear them especially in summer...

As the color of the pant is really bright I have mixed it with neutrals to let it stand out.


I dared to combine 2 colors here as I like the combo of red orange and turquoise ..Always looks fresh ..

Matching 2 colors

Yellow neon, still trendy, great for sunny days and cheering up your mood.

Yellow neon

I wish you all great evening and Ramada Kareem to all of my Muslim friends and readers...
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