Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting mature with style...

"I am not young, but I feel young.
 The day I will feel old, I will go to bed and stay there.
 J'aime la vie! I feel, that to live is a wonderful thing."
                                                                              by Coco Chanel

No matter what age we are, we still look fabulous:)

In your 20th Look

In your 30th Look

In your 40th Look..

In Your 50th Look

Graumann beige dress, 1.399 DKKHaute Hippie blazer, $741Schutz pointy toe pumps, $160Hermès handbag
Kenneth Jay Lane tahitian pearl necklace, $120Blue Nile white gold diamond earrings, $455Black Lily black silk shawl, 599 DKK

One dress, only age is different.I suppose that dress is at least knee long:)
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to follow fashion trends...

1. Dressing all white

Warm skin type:
Springs : choose off white instead of white 
Autumns: choose ivory  or off white instead of white
Cool skin type:
Winters & Summers: stay with white or soft white, ivory can wash you out

2. Prints & Patterns - Flowers, Animals, Geometric, Paisley........


Geometric shapes with sharp edges are best for winters.Avoid soft edges, as it doesn't work well with this seasonal group.
Floral prints are great for summer and spring types, as it soften their look.
Avoid flowers, if you are winter or autumn type. It is too soft and washes you out.
Animal prints like birds or butterflies, are great for spring types.
Autumns can go for  jungle prints as they are bold and striking enough to accentuate autumns' personality.

Prints' color  should also match your skin undertone.
Warm skin types = warm colors
Cold skin types = cool colors
Prints' size also matters. 
People with larger bone structure could go for bigger prints than those with smaller bone structure, if it compliments their body type.

Triangular body shape need to add volume to the upper part of body. Bigger prints in this areas can add volume and balanced the body shape.
Oval body shape with large bone structure should avoid prints or go for small patterns.

General rule: Go for prints or patterns that are equal or smaller than your fist.

3. Lace and Decorations


As decorations adds volume, keep it away from problematic areas and wear it once you need to stress out some parts of your body.

4. Pyjamas' style
 This is not my cup of tea but if somebody feels comfortable with it, I would say : Go for it..

Great tips:

Keep the  look clean with minimal accessories.Follow above mentioned tips regarding prints and patterns.

5. Chunky bracelets

Pictures were used from these web pages:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Stay with me and follow my blog to find out more about Personal Style vs. Fashion trends...Comments are welcome:)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Face shapes 3

Face shapes/Part 3-Final

Diamond face shape

Cheekbones are the widest part of the face with pointed chin and narrow forehead.
Main intention by choosing appropriate hairstyle is to provide width to the forehead and chin area.You can achieve it by wide wispy bangs with the chin length cut. If you go for a short hair you should add volume to the crown of the head.

Contouring: Apply light make up at the outside of the forehead and along the jaw line. Darker make up should be applied to the cheekbones and tip of the nose.We need to widen forehead and jaw area and bring  the cheekbones in.
Blushing tip: Apply blush on and beneath the jaw line.Don't forget to apply blush at the tip of the chin.

Examples of diamond face shape:

Heart or Inverted triangular face shape

Cheekbones are the widest part of the face with pointed chin and wide forehead. Jaw line is narrow.
Difference between heart and inverted triangular is characterized by the shape of the hairline.

Heart face shape has a widow's peak whilst inverted triangular has no such feature.
Main intention of the hairstyle is to broaden chin an jaw line area, while reducing forehead width.
You can go for jaw line length cut with some waves in the area of the chin. If the forehead is too high you can soften it with diagonal bangs.

Contouring: Apply darker make up to the sides of the forehead and light make up to the jaw line.
Blushing tip: Apply blush to the ball of the cheeks and fade it towards the center of the ear.

Examples of Heart face shape:


Examples of inverted triangular face shape

As I have already mentioned, recognizing face shapes help us to understand what hairstyle, make up, glasses and hat shape or accessories we should wear to emphasize our attractions and harmonize entire look.On the other hand nobody is perfect and there is usually need to hide imperfections.

We can easily achieve it by choosing right style.

If you still won't be sure what face shape you have do not hesitate to write me an email. For more information regarding personal image go to my site.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Face shapes 2

Face shapes /Part 2

Square face shape
How to recognize square face shape?
Length and width of this face appear to be the same.Square face and its jaw line through the chin, is almost square.Another characteristic feature is same width of  forehead, cheekbones and jaw line.
Forehead is narrow from the hairline to the eyebrow.

Medium hairstyle is recommended.If you decide to go for short hair, don't forget to add some height to the crown.Soften sharp edges of the face by wispy bangs, flowing layers or angles cuts starting at the cheekbones.
 Contouring: Adding darker make up to both sides of the forehead will help to get length to the face. Apply  darker make up to the jaw line to soften sharp edges of the face.

Blushing : Apply blush to the ball of the cheeks and fades towards the ear, to create illusion of rounded appearance.

Examples of square face shape:
Rectangular face shape

This shape can be easily mistaken with square face shape as the jaw line is also square and forehead, cheekbones and jaw, are similar in width.
Typical feature to recognize the difference is long face with the square hairline and high forehead.

Hairstyle that adds some width and volume to the face is highly recommended.Bangs goes great with the high forehead and creates softness with short to medium hairstyle by rectangular shape.

If you decide to go for medium to long hairstyle, add some layers that will soften sharp features and creates illusion of wider cheekbones.

Contouring: We needs to create illusion of shorter face and add width to the cheekbones.
Apply darker make up at the hairline and under the chin.
Apply shading to the hollow of the cheeks from the ear downward towards  the corner of the mouth.

Blushing: Apply blushing  to the cheekbones, directly under the outer corner of the eye.
Highlighter is added high onto the cheeks.
Never apply blush lower that the tip of the nose!

Examples of rectangular face shape:

Triangular face shape:

Widest part of the triangular face shape is jaw line which is most prominent feature of this face shape. Cheekbones are narrower than jaw line an wider than the forehead.
Width of the face is face is 1/3 less than the length.

Medium hairstyle that falls just bellow the jaw line, is best  length for this face shape.Main intention is to bring width and volume to the top part of the face to widen forehead and soften the jaw line. Layers on the top of the face or bangs that brings some width would be great.

Contouring: Apply darker makeup to the chin and jaw line to make it narrower.Lighter make up should be applied to the hairline .
Blushing: Apply blush in a V shape from the brow to the temples, down to the cheekbones.

Examples of triangular face shape:

Hope it does make sense to you and if you want to know what face shape you are, go to  facebook page Your Unique Image and send me a message with your picture. And don't forget to like it....:)

I will come back to you  with more advice for your glasses shapes, hats and earrings.

To be continue...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Face shapes 1

Face Shapes/ Part 1

As I've mentioned in previous article, there is 9 face shapes, that needs to be recognized to be able to choose right make up,hairstyle, hats or glasses.However, we can easily find faces that includes features and elements of more than 1 face shape.
Sometimes it might be confusing but we can still determine right type once we know what features should we look for and which elements outstrip the others.

Oval face shape:

Oval is considered as a "perfect" shape. Everybody would love to have OVAL including myself:)
Such desire is based on the fact, that once you have oval face shape you can experiment with as many hairstyles as you wish, because of its naturally balanced features.

Contouring: no need to contour  face as all elements are balanced.
Blush tip: Apply blush straight under the ball of the cheekbones and continue towards the ear.

How to recognize Oval?

Length is about to 1 1/2 longer than the width.
Look for egg shape pointing downward with slightly rounded chin and hairline.
Eyes are well set - imagine that you can put one more eye between those 2 and it will fit perfectly.

Oval Face shape goes with any hat and sun glasses style.

Examples of Oval face shape:

Oblong face shape

Oblong face shape is pretty similar to oval one. Main difference is in length of the face. Oblong face shape is much longer than wider and forehead is usually high.
Hairstyle could vary from short through medium to high. Don't forget to soften the face with bangs once you decide to go for short to medium hair.
 If you go for a long hair I would suggest to add some width to the area of neckline.

Contouring: Apply, dark make up at the hairline and under the chin. Shades should be used under the hollow, towards the outer corner of the mouth.
Blush tip: Blush should be applied straight to the cheekbones directly under the outer corner of the eye. It will broaden cheekbone area.

Main intention  is to add some width to the face.

Example of oblong face shape:

Round face shape

Despite the fact that round face is longer than wider, length and width appears to be equal.Chin is full rounded and forehead is wide.
As the cheekbones are the widest part of the face and chin is rounded too, we should create illusion of longer face. The best would be to avoid any width to the side of the cheekbones. 

Medium to long hair is recommended. With a long hair you can add a little volume. 
Keep your medium hairstyle straight with no volume at all. Bangs are fine also with rounded face shape if it's parted diagonal or at least in the center.

Contouring: As I have already mentioned we need to create illusion of longer face shape.Darker make up should be applied to the arc on either side of the forehead and to the jaw line, straight from the tip of the ear.
Blush tip: Starting from the center of the eye but under the ball of cheekbones, upwards to the temples.

Example of round face shape:

If you are not sure what face shape you have, and what  glasses and hats you should wear, send me your picture via message on  Your Unique Image facebook page and I will come back to you with the right answer. Don't forget to like us on the facebook:) 

More about face shapes in following articles...Stay with us...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Long Hair

Simple magic with long hair

If you have a long hair and you are willing to experiment with it, here are some tips for home made charming hairstyles.

Take it one by one and don't worry. It's kind of tricky for the first time, but once you will repeat it couple of times it will become much easier.Other people won't have any clue how you can do it by yourself.

Both styles are very romantic and can be worn for different occasions. First hairstyle is more casual, very fresh and creative and entire look is completed with gold sparkle head band.
Second hairstyle is full of elegance and sophistication adequate for any party you want to attend.

As my favorite Coco Chanel  said: 

"Girl should be 2 things, classy and fabulous." 

2 more  hairstyles for you:)Second one is more casual from my point of view.

Source: &

My  favorite one, I have to try this for sure.

If you like scarfs and bands, following styles will be worth it. Use your fantasy and play with it.
Some more hairstyles, that I have found but unfortunately without any guide, However I think that you should see them.:)
For more inspiration  follow me on pinterest or Facebook page. Click on my picture on the right side and it will navigate you to my website.

Enjoy it and definitely try this styles on.Be inspiration for your friends and share it with them.Comments are welcome.

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