Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 products to be recommended

by Christina PR-Make up artist

  " Have a look at top 10 products, I would highly recommend you to try."  

Double Wear Liquid make up by ESTEE LAUDER : : Ideal for normal to oily skin, Medium to full coverage depends on the way it will be used. Famous for long stay without changing the original result. 

Powder blush by MAC : Very stable colours and big variety .

Line Smoothing Concealer by CLINIQUE : Medium to full coverage as well. Moisturizing and at the same time very flexible to cover the fine lines within the eye area .

Cream eyeliner by INGLOT : Intense color, flexible texture after drying with result to remain excellent for many hours.

Eye Shadows by MAC: Intense colours with a big variety, very easy to apply and blend.

Kohl pencil by MAKE UP FOR EVER : Stable, resistant to the eye movement, not very soft, just enough for a precise application. 

Face powder by SMASHBOX:  Very good results under day light and under studio lights 

Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss by LANCOME Thick texture with extra bright and long lasting result. The best choice for extra volume for use over your lipstick.

Lipstick by MAKE UP FOR EVER : Creamy, moisturizing, stable, intense colors. 

Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils by YSL : Volume and length from the first application.

I definitely love these recommendation from Christina. Why not to try it when it has been already tested and approved:)

Wish you a beautiful weekend...

And don't forget to check the categories within services section. If you know about somebody who would have fit let me know. 

I would like to include talented people with passion for their job or hobby.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

6 answers from brand Ambassador of Cruciani

Andreea Zoia

Beautiful woman and model, talented presenter and actress.Very energetic, passionate & kind person.
She lives her dream by working hard and keeping focused.The time I met her, I was really surprised by her positive attitude. As I admire people who knows what they want from life, let me introduce you Andreea a bit more.

Her modeling career in Dubai began in 2004. Since then she has been associated with countless brands and designers such as Furne Amato,  Emirates airlines or Emaar .

She is one of the most wanted models in Dubai,  also active in UAE film community and as a presenter Andreea interviewed numerous personalities like Rocco Barroco, Kenso Takata, or Steve Beck.

She has also conducted live events for organizations such as Thuraya Telecom, International Green Awards, Oktoberfest, Fashion TV, Adnec, The Dubai International Jewelry Awards, Komic Sutra, Grazia Style Awards and more.

In 2012, Andreea was chosen to be the Brand Ambassador for luxury retail brand Cruciani.
                 Interview with Rocco Barroco                              with Sara Belhasa & Manish Malhotra

Being  one of the most wanted model in Dubai is a great achievement but  it also doesn‘t happen suddenly. Could you tell us how you remember your beginnings ?

I started modeling in Romania when I was 19 Years old. I had won a beauty pageant in Bucharest and was encouraged to follow it up with more work. 

Dubai at that time was booming and it was on the tip of everyone's tongue so I guess it was natural for me to want to explore there. In 2005 I was in Dubai strolling through Burjuman mall and came across a fashion show. 

I waited until it finished and approached the organizer who then put me in touch with the person who then became my agent. I was told that my height, body type and face structure were in demand and soon I was working regularly.

When have you decided to be a presenter and what were your steps from that moment until you started to live your dream.

After 8 years of modeling I felt the need to change and start a new challenge. I have always enjoyed being on a catwalk and stage and wanted a platform to do so. Presenting was a natural progression since I love communicating with people and asking them questions.

 "I have a child's curiosity!"

So my first step was to enroll in some classes. I attended the London Film & Television Academy and had the opportunity to learn first hand from industry professionals. It was intensive as well as expensive but if you are serious in a career you must invest in yourself. Since then I continue to read, watch videos online, and attend seminars on a daily basis. 

My first presenting job came in 2010 for Thuraya. It was a great success. Since then I've slowly but surely added more work to my presenting portfolio and I'm constantly growing. I'm now concentrating my time and energy on presenting and choose only certain modeling jobs and well paid television commercials.

As far as the acting is concerned, I do it mostly for the love of acting and the fact that it helps keep me sharp when I'm presenting. I love doing improv and it is a valuable tool for any person who is presenting or speaking publicly.

I am always saying that people should dream big. So I will tease you a little bit. Have you ever play with a thought to try your acting carier in Holywood?   

I am a big dreamer, like many people. And it's healthy to have big dreams and aspirations. As much as I love acting and will continue to do so on whatever level I can, I am focused on being a presenter and would like to start my own business that revolves around that. 

I am certainly planning to travel to Los Angeles and take more acting classes. A career in Hollywood is exciting and glamorous but it's fiercely competitive and any foreign actor abroad needs to understand that before making big claims.
Imagine you could choose any famous actor to play with in a movie. Who would it be? 

Oh yes that's easy, Al Pacino! He's my favorite actor and he's an Aries like me!
How would you define happiness and what makes you feel happy?    

Happiness (for me) is achieving a balanced life. Health, career, love, family, money are all equally valuable. I want to achieve many things in life but not at a cost to my health or close relationships. So I guess you can say balance is a big key to happiness.

I am asking this to most of the people so its your turn today. What is your biggest dream you would like to achieve in your life?   

If I had to be specific I would say I would like to be a successful TV personality and business woman. 

I also want to be able to use that success and give back to the world and my community.

"I would love to be able to sponsor hard-working talents in Romania to follow their dreams and become successful artists and entertainers."

We have a lot of talented and intelligent people who have not been as lucky as I am. Hopefully one day far from today people will look up to me as someone who was honest and hard-working, successful and generous. That's my dream.   

To discover more about Andreea's presenting & acting work go to: 

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