Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How about wearing braces?

I am bringing you some pictures and inspiration how you can wear braces if you decide to do so:)

Speaking for myself I love seeing men wearing them within business style or at weddings as a groom of course:)

Combination with a bow-knot is super cute.

Men wearing them within casual style is kind of cool as well:)What do you think?

I like to see braces worn by men rather than women. However, I found some cute women ones as well. Either you are wearing it with skirt, shorts or jeans, you can still look cute.

Business appropriate?


Let me know what you think.Do you like it? Wish you a great day and nice evening.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

6 answers from Zayan Ghandour, co-founder of s*uce concept

 Zayan Ghandour was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She began designing limited edition one-off T-shirts while writing for the Daily Star newspaper.

She moved to Dubai in 2000 and a year after she launched her eponymous label during Paris Fashion Week to great reviews.

In 2004, Zayan co-founded s*uce, an award winning fashion and lifestyle concept and soon assumed the role of head buyer and creative director. 

By the second season Zayan was stocked in 14 locations worldwide. An established regional mentor for young talent, Zayan speaks regularly at luxury, fashion and design forums and has co-founded the fashion distribution agency, Two Scoops.

Find out more about Zayan within the provided interview below and have a look at the pieces from her SS 2013 Collection.

What was the moment that “whispered” you to become a fashion designer?   

It was never a whisper but a loud and clear inner call to start doing what I love doing best which is creating pretty little things.

What should we expect from your designs? To whom is it dedicated ?  

My designs always feature an unexpected twist, a fun detail that you hadn’t anticipated, a conversation starter, a page turner! I’m also always focused on ease, my pieces are always really flattering and easy to wear, and I use the most beautiful, soft fabrics and fairytale billowing silhouettes.

Where is your inspiration coming from? Do you have any muse? 

I’ve always been inspired by my twin girls (now 7 years old), especially when they are getting dressed up to go to a birthday party! I’m also a huge fan of Sara Jessica Parker whose style epitomizes all that I love, mixing and matching everything to unique and fantastic effect. I’m also inspired by Alber Elbaz who always keeps it real no matter what. I just love him and everything he does.

"My biggest dream is to have Zayan boutiques and stockists worldwide and to s*uce up everyone’s wardrobes!"

 Looking back to the past what fashion era did you like the most?

No particular era as such but anything and everything fun and  girly, from Disney characters to fairy tales, to Japanese kawaii culture.

How would you describe “Unique Style”?  

Unique style is not being afraid to take risks.  To never be bound by but rather inspired by trends, and to have an almost prophetic ability to sense what trends will be big in the coming seasons. Unique style involves mixing the unexpected and making it seem totally natural, finding new ways of storytelling, using shapes and fabrics as your medium.

When it comes to you personally how would you describe your own  style?

 Determinedly and unapologetically girly, with an edge.

If you guys would like to see Zayan's designs at the FFWD event
taking place 26-29 April 2013 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, and you have something to do with fashion do not hesitate to go to  www.fashionforward.ae and register yourself as a visitor.

More interviews are coming in following days so stay with me and have great rest of the day...


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