Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meet Lydia Espin - Facial Guru in Dubai

Hey guys ,

Let me introduce you one of the best facial therapist, I have ever met in my life.She is not only friendly and nice to people, but she definitely knows what she is doing and how to do it right.

Lydia Espin is a young woman and entrepreneur in Dubai that got courage to open her own beauty salon and as far as I know she is doing great !

Believe me opening your own business especially in Dubai is not such easy going thing.

                  "Always have your vision in mind and keep going until you get there."

I know you had won couple of awards as a skin and facial therapist in Dubai. Could you tell us what is your “key” to success?

 When starting your own business, there are many difficulties to overcome, but never give up and I believe that if you want something passionately you will achieve it. As a facial therapist, always stick to your high standards and never cut corners. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, accept them and learn from them but it is very important to always give your own personal best to everything you do.

You have been in Dubai for a quit long time working as a facial therapists ,salon manager and owner of ESSA beauty, what do you think that clients need to see and experience in beauty salon to be willing to become a loyal customer?
Excellent customer service, highly trained staff, highest standards of hygiene, excellent treatments. Clients want to go to a salon that they can trust.

Is there someone who you admire when it comes to the field you working in? 
So many people have inspired me through my beauty career, from my colleagues and managers I have worked with, to the training I have received, and also seeing other people in the beauty industry achieve wonderful success. 
However, I would have to say though my biggest inspiration was from my college tutor, she was very professional and only accepted the highest standards and I think that because I was taught this at the very beginning of my career it has always stuck with me. Education and training is so very important.

What are your future plans?

I’m not 100% sure right now but hopefully continued expansion – we have just expanded our team to include another skilled facial therapist – but perhaps the longer term plan would be to open another Essa Beauty. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A day with Image Consultant

Spending time with my clients always gives me positive energy and lots of joy. There is nothing better than doing what you love. And I love making other people happy about themselves.

This time we took it from the scratch and started with the "Mood Board".
We determined right style that will create "waw" factor.
Classic/ Elegant is what we are looking for either in casual or business outfits.

Mood Board

Color analysis part is not only fun but also surprisingly useful. Shopping for the right color definitely emphasize your face and makes you look fresh and young.

Have you ever had feeling that there is something wrong with your outfit when you looked into mirror, even if it fits just fine?

Yes, wearing wrong color for your skin can do that .It washes you out and you look just like you need a doctor or at least some more sleep.

Or it can shows you that you can afford to wear more than only neutrals like white, black ,brown or grey .You just need to know right ones for yourself.

After color analysis, we could go through the wardrobe and find out what we will be really looking for.

Color analysis & Wardrobe planning

Shopping fever here we come!!! 

This time we mostly paid attention to business outfits that were missing and very much demanded. And colors please!!!!

Personal shopping

We played with colors as I promised, added some accessories and finished up the look with neutral beige color heels appropriate for business environment.

Once you want to go for a drink after work you can switch shoulder bag for a clutch and add some jewelery without even changing basic outfit.

Before & After

Some more outfits showing ladylike business woman prepared to take new challenge and start new job.

More outfits
 So what do you think? Wish you all great day full of smile.

Monday, September 8, 2014

New chapter

 Hey guys,

Thanks for all your visits and nice comments on my blog even if I wasn't posting almost nothing lately. I had simply reason for that. I got the most beautiful present woman can ever get. A little bit naughty, but so cute. Therefore, I  needed some more space to get familiar with this new chapter in my life.

Yes, I became a mum and I am proud of it. I will also add some new content on my website related to healthy lifestyle. I hope it will help and inspire other women to get into shape after pregnancy.

Stay with me and follow posts.

 Have a great day full of happiness and success.
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