Friday, December 26, 2014

Glamourize me - Make up "moves"

Frederika has beautiful features, rectangular face shape and deep set eyes.  

Recommendation for Frederika's make up daily routine:

 Day time office look is soft, accentuating strong points.

Primer & foundation : Silicon based  for oily skin.

 Eyes : Earthy brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and 2coats mascara will ensure eyes pop out.

Cheeks and lips: Pinkish blusher and lipstick made her skin look healthy and younger. 

Extra tip: lip gloss for all day hydration.

Recommendation for night out make up:

Eye makeup is upgraded  for smokey effect using dark brown eyeshadow. Brown pencil was applied to the inner waterline on both upper and lower lids. 

To make sure eyes are the main point, we applied false strip lashes on upper eyelids.

 Contour forehead and highlight under eye,above cupids bow and chin. 

Extra tip: for an evening makeup feel free to use a bold lipstick in addition to smokey eyes:) 

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Wish you all great weekend!!!!!!

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