Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Choosing make up foundation

 By Christina PR , professional make up artist in Dubai 

"There is no wrong or correct , it is the way it makes you feel."

In case you have no idea how to choose a foundation type and  shade you should have in mind:

  • Foundation can’t create miracles only by itself, an exfoliated and well moisturized skin is the best base for the foundation to bring out  the best result.  
  • Liquid foundation works better for medium to dry skin, thought there are couple of liquid foundations that work equal good to oily skin. 
  • The closest the color is to the natural color of the skin the more  natural the result would be. 
  • We never forget to apply  and naturally  erase the foundation till almost the base of  the neck and be very and extremely careful with the areas around the hair.
  • We can use our hands to apply foundation , a foundation brush or a sponge. 
  • Using  a brush will create us the more natural result . 
  • A sponge is used when the foundation is more creamy  so we will not loose too much quantity  absorbed. 

  • Sensitive areas, like the eyes and lips, a more light and bright foundation is recommended ( concealer).
  • In case of pigmentation or acne a more covering make up can be used or even concealer in affected areas. 
In case of any questions please leave the comment under the article and Christina will come back to you.
For a make up queries you can contact her via email:  christinapr.mu@gmail.com



  1. Anonymous4:05:00 PM

    How old are you ?

    1. That's a secret when it comes to women:)


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