Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make up artist on scene!!!

I can proudly announce, that I have teamed up with talented make up artist Lucia who will take care of content dedicated to make up.

Lucia  is professional make up artist with positive energy and enthusiasm who acquired her knowledge from  London College of make up.

If you have any question or suggestion what you would like to read about , feel free to mention it under the blog within the comments..

Couple of words from Lucia:
What does makeup mean for you?
Ever since I was a little girl I would do make up for my dolls and later girlfriends.I think it is an absolute necessity for every woman and a great tool to accentuate the beauty.I can’t live without.

What is the minimum every lady should have in her pouch?
Definitely a tinted moisturizer, good mascara and a lipstick.

Your perfect trick for a night out?
Lashes, lashes and again lashes.

Make up by Lucia:

Do you always follow latest trends?
I do follow trends, it is important for me as a professional to know what’s new and I just love to browse blogs and magazines.However for my clients I always recommend to consider their skin tone and overall look before trends.

Have I mentioned special effects? This is something :)

Winning photography from the competition with Lucia's touch. See the six packs there? Yes ,that is it.

Why should women visit a makeup professional?
Makeup artists have a different perspective when assessing your face. We consider skin tone, undertone, face and eye shapes as well as skin condition of each client in order to use the right product, not to mention the tricks and ways how to smother weaknesses and accentuate the strong points. 
Women leave with boosted confidence and knowledge on how to bring this great feeling back on:)

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